Our Story


Bread is the "staff of life", because it is a basic food that supports life.  Sourdough breads have been traced back over 6,000 years. It is a naturally fermented bread using natural yeast from the air around us and a long fermentation period of 24-72 hours. This helps develop the glutens in the bread and make it easier for your body to digest.


Bread is the "staff of life"

We, at Rise Artisan Bakery, love this traditional hand crafted way of creating the best flavours and healthy breads for you, and have developed our own leaven (starter) taking care every step of the way to produce the best we can every day. 

Our passion is your joy!



So what does Rise Artisan Bakery Ltd stand for?



The word to describe everything about us and where we are located. 

The sunrise... the rise of the wave and ocean... the rise of the bread... 

the rise of the bakery...  our early mornings.


Tracey, Simon and their 4 children, designed, built and all work in the bakery,

hence the name "artisan" means "created by hand".  

Simon, a 30-year tradesman in carpentry, and Tracey, 30-years as a baker, 

lead to this awesome bakery together with the help and support of their kids

and their great staff.


Speaks for itself. This is what we are!


Living the Dream!


Xmas staff photo 2020.jpg

Some of the Rise Family

Josh, Jody, Tracey, Simon, Hayley, Laura, Rose, Jordan, Florencia and Ulianna 

Rise Artisan Bakery

Where the magic happens!!


Simon built the entire shop using his other skills - including the fabulous feature wall

Rise by name and by nature!