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Here at Rise we can cater to your cafe, pub or restaurant


Rise Artisan Bakery
Rise Artisan Bakery

See our list below and email us today for the latest pricing.  And we can deliver too.


White Sourdough (900g)

Grain Sourdough (760g)

White Sourdough Square Loaf (580g)


White Loaf (800g)

Grain Loaf (800g)

Ciabatta Buns

Ciabatta Loaf (500g)

Slider Buns (50g, 90mm)

Burger Buns (80g, 127mm)

Burger Buns (115g, 90mm)

Brioche Buns

Paninis (100g)

Mini Baguettes (200g)

Baked Goods

Plain Scones

Cheese Scones

Muffins - Blueberry / Strawberry / Peach / Passion



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